Challenge 126 In Numbers!

Did you know that during Challenge 126 Brian and Mike lost 44.4 litres of sweat? No! Well read on to discover even more weird and wonderful stats about Challenge 126!

1 – The single bowl of Frosties that Mike ate for breakfast before running from Limerick to Dublin on Challenge 126.

2 – Challenge 126 crew members that reported hallucinations due to tiredness.

6 – The counties Brian and Mike ran through – Limerick, Tipperary, Offaly, Laois, Kildare and Dublin on Challenge 126.

Even More Challenge 126 Stats:

15 – The number of stops needed to burst blisters.

37 – The hours that Brian and Mike ran for. They started their journey in Limerick at 7.50am on Thursday 26thApril & they finally reached Dublin city at 9.45pm on Friday 27th April.

40- Fig Rolls consumed during Challenge 126.

44.4 – Litres of sweat lost by Brian and Mike during Challenge 126.

45 – Hours that the Challenge 126 crew had no sleep.

100 – Hours of interview footage taken by Techno Wolfe Films.

1,000 – New followers on Twitter in one day.

€25,000 – Raised so far for Special Olympics Ireland

28,000 – Calories burnt by Brian and Mike during Challenge 126

275,000 – Steps taken by Brian and Mike during Challenge 126!

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