The Overnight Drama!

The boys set off from Borris at around 8pm on Thursday night, at that stage they were 52 miles into their ‘Challenge 126′. They ran through Castletown, Mountrath and Portlaoise with no issues. In Portlaoise they were joined by a new friend from Twitter Darren from Galway who drove down to run with them. However as the temperatures dropped from about 11pm the boy’s encountered problems. Brian had to stop running as he was feeling dizzy and ill. Thankfully crew members Ash and Eoin identified what was wrong with him – Hypothermia! Hypothermia is defined as any body temperature below 35.0 °C. Brian’s temperature was somewhere between 30–32 °C. Brian had to lie down in the car for 30 mins with the heating turned up full blast and wrapped in 10 layers to try and warm up his core temperature. It somehow worked and the run continued. Mike then started to feel ill so there was another stoppage. By this time the run had been delayed by over 3 hours and they still hadn’t reached New Inn. As the sun rose, they ran into Monastervin, Kildare and had to have another injury break as Mike’s knee was getting progressively worse.

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